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Standard Permanent Double Sided Tape Guarantape Level 2Adhesive Tapes

For versatile fixing solutions, adhesive tapes are the best, offering a world of convenience and reliability. From ATG tape systems to automated machine rolls of double sided tape, Presco can help make your fixing requirements easy and reliable with huge stocks of tapes ready for fast delivery.

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Adhesive Tapes and Double-Sided Tapes

For over 30 years we have designed, sourced and stocked many levels of double sided tape from simple paper fixings through to ultra strong glue tapes for heavy signage and metal bonding applications. We partner with the Guarantape brand of adhesive tapes which makes selecting the right tape easy with a simple system of adhesive levels, starting at 1 (for removable and low tack needs) right up to 7 for the strongest adhesion needs.

Tapes are the unsung heroes of countless applications, seamlessly joining, bonding, and securing with a simple peel and press. We stock and sell special tapes like hook and loop fixings, magnetic tape and special floor tapes for different uses and there are thousands of other ways sticky tapes are used in our lives.

Double-Sided Tapes are the invisible helpers in so many ways for discreet application in packaging, construction, signage, document production and manufacturing. For the print finishing industry double-sided tapes excel in making up folders, printed packaging sleeves, mounting signs, posters, or lightweight objects, creating a clean and seamless look without the intrusion of visible fixings or clips.

Specialised tapes like electrical tapes for insulation, foam tapes for cushioning, and heat-resistant tapes for demanding environments ensure optimal performance in diverse conditions and we specifiy many tapes to order.

Adhesive tapes play a pivotal role in the world of do-it-yourself (DIY) and crafting. Whether embellishing scrapbooks, creating custom gift wrap, or assembling intricate projects, these tapes offer a reliable and easy-to-use solution with many tapes now sold or used within practical building and fixing situations.

In small manufacturing industries, double-sided tapes find application in mounting components, providing a pre-fix for later fastening, affixing signage, and bonding materials without the need for mechanical fasteners. Their strength and durability make them reliable in production and assembly processes.

We often get asked about removing tapes after use. This is a tricky area! Most tapes are designed to last with a strong bond, so recycling and removing residue when taking things apart will present challenges. Some adhesive tapes are designed for temporary applications, allowing for easy removal without leaving behind residue or damage. Ideal for events, exhibitions, or temporary signage needs. Other tapes may need a knife or a solvent cleaner to restore a surface to original condition.