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Elastic Cords, Tassels and Tagging

Presco has a huge range of ready-made elasticated loops, double ended display tassels and tagging solutions for any project. Commonly used with brochures and menus, we stock loops and tassels in many different colours and there are lots more tagging options in elastic, string, cord or wire that you can customise for your own design. Try a free sample if you’d like to test on your work.

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What are some ways to use elasticated loops and tassels?

Elasticated loops and menu tassels can be used in various creative and practical ways for display purposes. Here are some ideas:

  1. Menu Binding:
    • Use elasticated loops to bind together a set of menus or promotional materials. This can create a cohesive and organized presentation, especially in restaurants, cafes, or at events.
  2. Book or Catalogue Display:
    • Attach elasticated loops to the spine or binding of books or catalogues. The tassel can serve as a decorative element while the elastic loop keeps the pages open for easy browsing.
  3. Price Tag Holder:
    • Attach an elastic loop to a price tag or promotional card and hang it from a display item. This is common in retail environments and can be an attractive way to showcase product information.
  4. Hanging Banners or Signs:
    • Use elastic loops to hang banners or signs from a horizontal bar or rod. The tassel adds a decorative touch while allowing for easy installation and removal.
  5. Artwork Display:
    • Attach elastic loops to the corners of artwork or prints. Hang them from hooks or pegs to create a gallery-style display.
  6. Event Seating Arrangements:
    • Use menu tassels with attached elastic loops to indicate seating arrangements at events. Hang them on the back of chairs or attach them to table settings.
  7. Retail Displays:
    • Incorporate elasticated loops and tassels into retail displays to showcase information about products or promotions. They can add a touch of elegance to the presentation.
  8. Gift Wrapping:
    • Attach a tassel with an elastic loop to gift packaging for a decorative and functional touch. This can serve as a unique and reusable addition to gift wrapping.
  9. Jewellery Display:
    • Use elastic loops to hang jewellery items for display. This is particularly effective for items like necklaces and bracelets.
  10. Special Offers or Discounts:
    • Use tassels and elastic loops to draw attention to special offers or discounts on products in a retail setting. Hang promotional materials with these elements to make them stand out.
  11. Decorative Wall Hangings:
    • Create decorative wall hangings by attaching elastic loops to framed pictures or artwork. The tassel adds flair to the display.
  12. DIY Photo Display:
    • Create a photo display by attaching photos to elastic loops and hanging them on a string or wire. This can be a creative way to showcase memories or special moments.

Remember to consider the overall theme and aesthetic of your display when incorporating elastic loops and tassels. These elements can add both functionality and visual appeal to various types of displays.