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Hook and Loop tape velcroHook and Loop

Velcro type hook and loop fixings are used in almost every industry and are invaluable fixings for temporary and permanent projects. Everything from airline seat covers through to children’s play books can use hook and loop fixings and Presco holds huge stocks of hook and loop for fast delivery to you. Hook and loop adhesive backed tapes, sew on hook and loop tapes and adhesive cut dots of hook and loop are the main types but we can also produce custom size and custom adhesive hook and loop pieces on demand.

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What are common uses for hook and loop tapes and dots?

Velcro and similar hook and loop tapes and dots, known for their ease of use and reusability, find a wide range of applications across various industries. Here are some common uses for Velcro hook and loop tapes and dots:

  1. Clothing and Apparel: Velcro is often used in clothing and apparel for closures on shoes, jackets, bags, and other items. It provides a convenient and adjustable fastening method.
  2. Home Organisation: Velcro is used in home organization solutions, such as securing cables, bundling items together, and mounting objects on walls without the need for nails or screws.
  3. DIY and Crafts: Velcro tapes and dots are popular in DIY projects and crafts. They can be used for creating temporary or removable fastenings in various artistic and creative endeavours.
  4. Cable Management: Velcro straps are commonly used for organizing and securing cables in homes, offices, and data centres. They provide an easy and adjustable solution for bundling and managing wires.
  5. Outdoor Gear: Velcro is used in outdoor gear like backpacks, tents, and camping equipment for closures and securing items. It offers a quick and reliable fastening method, especially in situations where zippers or buckles may be less convenient.
  6. Medical Devices: Velcro is employed in medical devices and equipment for securing and fastening straps and attachments. It provides a simple and adjustable closure method that is easy to use in medical settings.
  7. Educational Materials: Velcro is used in educational materials, especially in interactive books and learning aids. It allows for the attachment and detachment of various components, making learning materials more engaging.
  8. Children’s Products: Velcro is commonly used in children’s products, including shoes, clothing, and toys. It provides a secure and adjustable fastening method that is easy for children to use.
  9. Hobby and Sports Equipment: Velcro is used in various hobbies and sports equipment for closures, such as securing shin guards in soccer, fastening straps on equipment bags, and more.
  10. Retail Displays: Velcro is used in retail environments for creating interchangeable and adjustable displays. It allows for the easy rearrangement of signage, posters, and promotional materials.
  11. Strapping and Fastening: Velcro straps are used for strapping items together securely. This is common in applications where frequent opening and closing are necessary.
  12. Temporary Signage: Velcro is used for attaching temporary signage and banners. It provides a quick and non-permanent solution for displaying information at events or in retail environments.
  13. Securing Seat Cushions: Velcro can be used to secure seat cushions in place, preventing them from slipping or sliding.
  14. Gardening: Velcro straps are used for attaching plants to supports or for bundling gardening tools and equipment together.

Velcro hook and loop tapes and dots offer a versatile and reusable fastening solution, making them suitable for a wide range of applications in both everyday and specialized settings.