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Card Holder Pockets Self AdhesivePlastic Pockets

Clear plastic pockets from an advanced polypropylene crystal clear composition with clear benefits of being able to be easily recycled and with no visible colour tint that you see in PVC pockets. We stock a wide range of adhesive and non adhesive pockets that can take all sizes of card and paper and you can request samples free of charge online to test on your work.

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What are plastic pockets used for in print and display?

Adhesive clear pockets, also known as self-adhesive pockets or adhesive document sleeves, serve various purposes in print and display settings. These transparent pockets are made from clear plastic and feature a sticky adhesive backing. They are commonly used for organizing, protecting, and displaying printed materials. Here are some common uses for adhesive plastic pockets:

  1. Document Organisation:
    • Adhesive plastic pockets are frequently used to organize and store documents, such as schedules, reference sheets, or important information. They can be attached to folders, binders, or other surfaces for easy access.
  2. Signage and Labelling:
    • In retail or business settings, adhesive plastic pockets are used to display signs, labels, or pricing information. They can be attached to shelves, displays, or product containers.
  3. Point-of-Sale Displays:
    • Adhesive pockets are employed in point-of-sale displays to showcase promotional materials, product information, or pricing details. They provide a neat and professional presentation.
  4. Menus and Price Lists:
    • Restaurants and cafes use adhesive plastic pockets to display menus or price lists. The adhesive backing allows for easy attachment to surfaces such as tables or menu boards.
  5. Trade Shows and Exhibitions:
    • Adhesive pockets are useful for displaying promotional materials, brochures, or business cards at trade shows or exhibitions. They can be attached to booth displays or presentation boards.
  6. Office and Desk Organisation:
    • In office environments, adhesive plastic pockets help keep desks organized by providing a convenient way to store frequently referenced documents, notes, or phone lists.
  7. Event and Conference Materials:
    • Event organizers use adhesive pockets to display schedules, maps, or informational materials at conferences, seminars, or workshops. Attendees can easily access relevant information.
  8. Health and Safety Signs:
    • Adhesive plastic pockets are used to display health and safety signs in workplaces. They allow for the easy insertion and replacement of safety guidelines, emergency procedures, or instructional materials.
  9. Instructional Posters:
    • In educational settings or workshops, adhesive pockets are employed to display instructional posters or charts. This facilitates easy access to relevant information for students or participants.
  10. Library and Information Centers:
    • Libraries use adhesive pockets to attach information labels or due date cards to books, ensuring easy identification and tracking.
  11. Art and Photography Displays:
    • Adhesive plastic pockets are used in art galleries or photography exhibitions to display information about artists, artworks, or exhibition details.
  12. Personal and Home Organization:
    • Individuals use adhesive pockets in various settings at home to organize and display important information, schedules, or reminders.
  13. Quick Reference Guides:
    • Adhesive pockets are suitable for displaying quick reference guides, cheat sheets, or procedural information in workspaces where easy access to information is crucial.

Adhesive clear pockets offer a versatile and practical solution for displaying and organizing printed materials. Their ease of use and flexibility make them valuable in a wide range of professional, educational, and personal contexts.