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Nitto Tapes 500 Double Sided Tissue TapeTapes For Print

Presco are experts in matching up the right tape to the application and tissue tapes and fingerlift tapes for print finishing of documents, folders, boxes and more are some of our biggest areas of experience. From 6mm width removable tapes designed for minimum adhesion up to super strong acrylic bonding tapes we have you covered for double sided tapes for print. Speak to us for any advice and order free samples online to test on your work.

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What are double sided tapes used for in print and finishing?

Double-sided tapes play a crucial role in the print and print finishing industries, offering a convenient and efficient way to adhere materials together. Here are some common uses of double-sided tapes in these industries:

  1. Mounting: Double-sided tapes are widely used for mounting prints and photographs onto various substrates, such as foam boards, display boards, or mounting boards. This process is commonly used in the production of signage, posters, and displays.
  2. Laminating: Double-sided tapes are used in the laminating process to attach a protective layer, such as clear film or adhesive-backed laminate, onto printed materials. This enhances durability, provides a glossy or matte finish, and protects the printed surface.
  3. Splicing: In the printing industry, especially in web printing processes, double-sided tapes are used for splicing. This involves joining the end of one roll of material to the beginning of another to ensure a continuous printing process without interruptions.
  4. Bookbinding: Double-sided tapes are employed in bookbinding for adhering pages, covers, or spine materials together. This can include the assembly of books, catalogs, and other printed materials.
  5. Folding and Binding: Double-sided tapes are used in the print finishing process for folding and binding applications. They can help create clean, crisp folds and secure folded sections together.
  6. Sealing Envelopes and Mailers: Double-sided tapes are sometimes used in the print industry to seal envelopes and mailers securely. They provide a quick and efficient way to close envelopes without the need for traditional adhesive flaps.
  7. Assembly of Point-of-Purchase (POP) Displays: In the production of POP displays, double-sided tapes are used to securely attach printed graphics or promotional materials to the display structure. This ensures a clean and professional appearance.
  8. Die Cutting: Double-sided tapes are often utilized in die-cutting processes. They can hold materials in place during the die-cutting operation, allowing for precise and clean cuts.
  9. Packaging: In addition to sealing envelopes, double-sided tapes may be used in packaging applications to attach labels, promotional materials, or other printed elements to packaging surfaces.
  10. Temporary Fixturing: Double-sided tapes can be used for temporarily adhering printed materials during exhibitions, events, or temporary displays. They provide a strong bond during the display period but can be removed without damaging surfaces.

Double-sided tapes offer versatility and efficiency in the print and print finishing industries, contributing to the quality and durability of the final printed products. The choice of double-sided tape depends on factors such as the materials being adhered, the desired finish, and the specific requirements of the application.