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The Presco Team

Behind our massive range and service standards is a team that are passionate about upholding the company brand. We are here to help our customers and the feedback we get time after time is that our customer support is exceptional – over 97% of our customers rate our service as great or outstanding.

Between us we have years of experience in the print trade and with our products, and we are always pleased to advise or discuss your requirements.

Meet the team

The Presco Catalogue

Our well-known catalogue is regarded as the industry guide for anyone involved with print. The catalogue contains a vast range of products, from binding and laminating supplies, through to all sorts of specialist print finishing products, point of sale fittings and display accessories. Even with many more customers using our online shop our catalogue is still in big demand and daily proves the power of print to connect with new people.

Our standards

Professionally accredited and accountable. At Presco we are committed to the highest standards of product quality control, auditing and customer service. We strive for excellence in every department to ensure that you and every one of our customers receives the very best service and products.

We care about others

We love to help people and we hope you will find this attitude every time you have contact with Presco. As well as looking after our customers we get involved with charity and community work through donations and hands-on involvement to help others.

Always improving

Our mission here online is to find you advice, products and information quickly. Search for what you’re looking for and get in touch if you need a little help deciding what might work for you. We are constantly making this website an ever-easier, more simple way to find information and buy products.

The Presco Story

1969: Our beginnings were in DPS, an architectural drawing company which extended to laminated illustrations, giftware and other supplies.

1983-89: Presco is born as the company begins offering laminating services, specialised print finishing and the supply of presentation products.

1990-96: Our regular supplies catalogue launches under the ‘Print Presentation’ name. The mail order model reaches an increasing number of printers across the UK.

1997-1999: As the new smaller catalogues increase exposure to printers and education facilities rapid expansion takes place and we move to a new 25,000 square foot premises.

2000-13: Presco Europe is founded in Dublin and we also begin selling globally to other companies. Rapid growth in finishing machines leads to our machines showroom and open days.

2014-2018: Presco France is launched, buying online becomes easier with our new online stores and we innovate with the rapidly evolving print industry to offer more adhesive solutions and customised digital print finishing options.

2019-2024: Our vote of confidence in the UK print industry means we invest in other businesses to offer an ever-wider range to our customers. The Presco group of companies grows with:

  • 2019 – Displaybind
  • 2020 – Joto Print Finishing Systems
  • 2021 – Tapes Direct
  • 2022 – Colbrook Binding
  • 2024 – FD Solutions

Over 40 years since we started providing display and presentation products we are moving forward with new innovation in adhesive tapes, hook and loop fixings and specialist finishing solutions for both print and many other industries.

Our company is almost unrecognisable from its beginnings – apart from our unswerving commitment to customer care. That has been the same since the beginning.

In the last 15 years over 1 million catalogues have been sent out, over 30,000 customers have experienced the Presco service and today we have over 35 million items in stock in our Swindon and Purton UK warehouses. With over 3,000 product lines stocked for next day delivery we are always kept busy to fulfil our service promises.

Thank you for stopping to read, please do call us or get in touch if we can help you with anything.

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