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Magnetic Closer PatchesDie Cut Tapes

Die cut tapes and adhesive fixings are handy pre-cut pieces of adhesive for detailed assembly and industrial applications where a regular adhesive size is required and used. Often these are custom made to an individual job specification. Presco supplies millions of custom size pieces of adhesive patches per year for individual projects but we also keep some regular ones in stock for immediate despatch, like our glue tape discs and pre-cut hook and loop patches, even adhesive magnetic strips.

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What are die cut tapes and adhesive pieces used for?

Die-cut tapes and adhesive pieces refer to adhesive materials that have been precisely cut into specific shapes or patterns using a die-cutting process. Die-cutting involves using a sharp steel rule or a shaped blade (called a die) to cut the material into a predetermined design. The resulting die-cut tapes and adhesive pieces find various applications in different industries due to their customization and ease of application. Here are some common uses:

  1. Packaging and Labelling:
    • Pre-cut tapes and adhesive pieces are used in the packaging industry for sealing boxes, attaching labels, and creating custom packaging solutions. They can be cut into specific shapes or sizes to suit the packaging requirements.
  2. Automotive Applications:
    • In the automotive industry, die-cut adhesive pieces are used for applications such as gasketing, vibration damping, and interior components. The precise shapes can be tailored to fit specific parts or spaces within a vehicle.
  3. Electronics Assembly:
    • Die-cut adhesive pieces find applications in the electronics industry for attaching components, insulating circuits, and providing EMI/RFI shielding. They can be cut into intricate shapes to match the layout of electronic components.
  4. Medical Devices:
    • Die-cut patches are used in the medical field for applications such as attaching medical devices, securing dressings, and providing cushioning or insulation. The custom shapes are designed to fit specific medical equipment or adhere to the contours of the body.
  5. Consumer Electronics:
    • Die-cut tapes are commonly used in the assembly of consumer electronics like smartphones, tablets, and laptops. They can be applied to secure components, manage heat, and provide structural support.
  6. Aerospace Industry:
    • In aerospace applications, die-cut adhesive pieces are used for bonding and insulating components. They can be customized to meet the specific requirements of aerospace materials and designs.
  7. Gaskets and Seals:
    • Die-cut tapes are often used to create gaskets and seals for machinery and equipment. The precise cutting ensures a proper fit, providing effective sealing and preventing leaks.
  8. Insulation:
    • Die-cut adhesive pieces are utilized for insulation purposes in various industries. They can be applied to insulate electrical components, pipes, and other surfaces.
  9. Point-of-Sale Displays:
    • Die-cut tapes and adhesive pieces are used in the creation of point-of-sale displays, helping to assemble and attach promotional materials in unique shapes and configurations.
  10. Crafts and Hobbies:
    • In the crafting and hobbyist community, die-cut tapes and adhesive pieces are popular for creating custom stickers, embellishments, and decorative elements. They offer a convenient way to add personalized touches to projects.
  11. Sealing and Bonding:
    • Die-cut adhesive pieces can be used for sealing and bonding applications in various industries, providing a pre-cut, easy-to-apply solution for joining surfaces.

Die-cut tapes and adhesive pieces offer advantages in terms of precision, customization, and ease of application. Their versatility makes them suitable for a wide range of industries where specific shapes or sizes are required for efficient and effective bonding or sealing.