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Relay Foam Perm Peel TapeFoam Tapes

Adhesive foam tapes for interior and exterior fixing, for temporary and permanent work. Foam tapes are great for bonding to difficult surfaces due to their ability to absorb different textures to create a strong bond. They can also be called foamed acrylic tapes and offer different densities depending on application and adhesive type. Interior foam tape tends to be softer and lower density, exterior foam tape is a medium density with a much stronger adhesive; and the very high bond signage tapes are a ultra high density pure acrylic tape for permanent fixings.

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What are some common uses for foam tapes?

These are versatile adhesive products and find various applications in different industries due to their unique properties. Here are some common uses:

  1. Weather Stripping: Often used for sealing gaps around windows and doors to prevent drafts, air leakage, and water infiltration. They provide insulation and help maintain a consistent indoor temperature.
  2. Automotive Applications: Foam tapes are used in the automotive industry for attaching emblems, weather stripping, and sealing gaps. They can also help reduce vibrations and noise in certain automotive components.
  3. Mounting and Bonding: Commonly used for mounting objects such as mirrors, pictures, signs, and lightweight panels. They provide a secure bond and can be used on various surfaces, including walls, glass, and metal.
  4. Cushioning and Padding: Foam’s thickness and cushioning properties are utilized for providing padding and protection in applications such as packaging, gasketing, and cushioning for electronic devices.
  5. Sound Damping: These tapes can be used to reduce vibrations and dampen sound in appliances, electronics, and automotive components. They help minimize noise and vibrations by acting as a barrier between surfaces.
  6. Construction and HVAC: Foam tapes are employed in the construction industry for applications like sealing joints in HVAC systems, windows, and doors. They help improve energy efficiency and prevent air and moisture infiltration.
  7. Medical Applications: Used in the medical field for applications such as securing dressings, attaching medical devices, and providing cushioning in orthopaedic applications.
  8. Crafts and DIY Projects: Popular in crafts and DIY projects for affixing decorations, creating 3D effects, and mounting lightweight materials. They are easy to use and provide a clean and neat finish.
  9. Sealing and Insulating Electronics: Foam tapes with electrical insulation properties are used in electronic applications to seal and insulate components. They can also provide protection against dust, moisture, and electromagnetic interference.
  10. General Purpose Bonding: Often used for general-purpose bonding in industries such as packaging, woodworking, and manufacturing, where a flexible and reliable adhesive solution is required.

When choosing different tapes, it’s essential to consider factors such as thickness, adhesive strength, temperature resistance, and the specific requirements of the application to ensure optimal performance.