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Binding Wires in ColoursBinding

Binding products for printed material, notebooks and documents are the essential final step of finishing and presenting your document, enhancing appearance and ensuring ease of use for your project. For over 40 years Presco has specialised in stocking systems and supplies for every document binding type from wire to thermal covers and strips. Can’t see what you’re looking for? Just ask us, we probably have it somewhere else on the site!

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Common binding options stocked by Presco include:

Wire Binding – also called twin loop or Wire-O. Features a double-loop wire for a sleek and professional look and books can open fully lay flat. It’s available in different pitches such as 2:1 (2 holes per inch) or 3:1 and is most often seen on calendars and notebooks. You can bind with small desktop machines right up to large automated lines and Presco stocks boxes of cut length wires or big spools of twin loop wire.

Spiral or Plastic Coil. Uses a continuous coil for easy flipping and a lay-flat design. Cannot be crushed or damaged easily and is a great option for educational documents.

Comb Binding. Utilises plastic combs for easy editing, ideal for reports and presentations. The key difference with combs is that the comb can be opened and reused to add extra pages in future where needed.

Other binding methods which Presco stocks some supplies for include:

Perfect Binding. Creates a square spine by gluing pages to the cover, commonly used for books and catalogues. Presco can supply glue and advice for these.

Saddle Stitching involves stapling along a document spine, and is very cost-effective for brochures and pamphlets, small leaflets and temporary menus. These machines are stocked by Presco along with a wide range of staples suitable for many different systems.

Hardcover Binding. There are various machines and systems you can use for attaching a hardcover for premium books and journals. Speak to us about what system might suit your needs depending on volume and book size.

Velo binding uses heat-sealed plastic strips for tamper-resistant binding, ideal for legal documents. This is one of many different thermal binding systems (such as the popular Fastback binding system) which employ a heated adhesive strip for a clean finish, suitable for business proposals and manuals.

Choosing the right method and supplies depends on document specifics like page count and purpose, ensuring a professional and lasting impression. Whether you are preparing a single report or working on a job for several thousand notebooks speak to Presco for advice on the best methods, pricing and contract rates.