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Squar High Bomnd TapesGuarantape Double Sided Tapes

Guarantape is trusted double sided tape system that is based on simplicity and reliability – the brand mission is to ensure that your job never fails due to the wrong double sided tape. The range is clear, easy to understand and priced for big users. A simple adhesive level system runs from 1 (removable) up to 7 (the strongest pure acrylic adhesives). Don’t forget you can request free samples on almost any of our tapes as well, try them on your job first.

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Non-permanent adhesive for use where a product or document will be removed in future.

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Standard permanent adhesive for common paper-to-paper uses and uncoated materials.

Guarantape Adhesive Levels Explained



Higher tack permanent adhesives for use in box making and with semi-coated surfaces.



Very high tack permanent acrylic adhesives for work with glossy surfaces and digital print.



High strength crossover adhesives for very demanding finishing work to basic signmaking.



Extremely strong signmaking grade adhesives for use with any material in almost every situation.



Our ultimate strength adhesives – at this level you can start sticking cars to the sides of buildings!

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The Guarantape Story

Guarantape double sided tapes are a proven collection of high quality adhesives that take the uncertainty out of any double sided taping job. We’ve all had the ‘will-it-hold?’ worrying moment when working on any finishing job involving double sided tapes as every material and job varies massively. What Guarantape does is address this worry by offering a clear new range of adhesive levels that are designed not to fail.

The Guarantape range goes from a standard paper-to-paper double sided tape right up to top level polyester tapes and a unique new Extreme Easy-tear tape (this one is really worth checking out – higher strength specs and test results than a polyester tape but with all the ease of use of a basic double sided tissue tape).

The Guarantape story is more than just another range of adhesive tapes. Guarantape is a unique brand designed to be trusted and developed by a group of experienced print finishers who were fed up of cheap double sided tapes ruining a big print job. They said they needed a better level of quality and total reliability when it came to buying double sided tape. The problem became a crisis when a £100,000 job had to be reprinted at huge cost when an inferior double sided tape failed the day after application. The tiny amount spent on the double sided tape in the job ended up costing a reprint and several days of hassle, wiping out any money left in the job.

To prevent this problem happening again Guarantape worked directly with printers and finishing houses to develop a range of tapes that could be trusted in all situations. As the main distributor for the Guarantape range Presco can support with free samples, bulk carton pricing and a price promise to beat any comparable tape.

Substantial investment was put into this project as we realised the importance of getting this right. The tapes that were eventually sourced, tested, approved and manufactured became the Guarantape range. A new slogan of ‘Tapes designed to be trusted’ was suggested to us and we think this perfectly sums up what we set out to achieve with Guarantape.

Presco is the exclusive distributor of all the Guarantape products in the UK and Europe. Our high stock levels mean we can get any quantity of tape out to you for next or even same day delivery, from single rolls to pallets of tape. Our pricing is very competitive on carton and pallet rates, if you are a high volume user please ask for our volume and contract pricing structure. You can request samples of any of these tapes, simply get in touch with us and we can offer advice, experience and a level of trust you will not find with other double sided tapes.

Thank you for your interest in Guarantape – developing and launching this range has been a very rewarding project enabling us to offer tried, tested and trusted adhesives every time with the same excellent service you will always receive from Presco.