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Packaging TapePackaging Tapes and Special Tape

Classic packaging tapes in brown, clear or eco friendly paper versions on roll lengths for standard dispensers, e-tape dispensers or machines. You’ll also find a selection of specialist other tapes here, from crossweave tapes to sellotape and Scotch magic tape for all finishing and fine work applications. Looking for something else? Get in touch with your enquiry, we produce thousands of different tapes for custom needs in addition to stock shown here.

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What are different options for packaging tape?

Packaging tapes come in various options to suit different needs and applications. The choice of packaging tape depends on factors such as the type of material being sealed, the weight of the package, and environmental conditions. Here are some common types of packaging tapes:

  1. Pressure-sensitive tape (PSA): This is the most common type of packaging tape. It requires pressure to adhere to surfaces and comes in various materials, including polypropylene, PVC, and paper. These are the standard buff and clear varieties you can see on this page.
  2. Filament tape: Also called crossweave tape, this is reinforced with fiberglass filaments for extra strength, filament tape is often used for heavy or bulky packages. It provides excellent resistance to tearing and breaking.
  3. Masking tape: While commonly used for painting, masking tape can also be used for light packaging applications. It is easy to tear by hand and leaves minimal residue.
  4. Duct tape: Known for its strength and durability, duct tape is often used for sealing packages, especially in situations that may require extra resilience. It is made of cloth mesh and has a strong adhesive.
  5. Gummed paper tape: Also known as water-activated tape, this type of tape requires water to activate the adhesive. It forms a strong bond with the carton surface and is often used for sealing heavy packages.
  6. Double-sided tape: This tape has adhesive on both sides and is used for bonding two surfaces together. It is commonly used in the packaging industry for attaching items like labels or promotional materials. Presco stocks a huge range of double sided tapes for all applications.
  7. Security tape: Designed to show evidence of tampering, security tape often includes features like tamper-evident patterns or prints. It is commonly used in shipping and transportation to secure packages.
  8. Printed tape: Companies often use custom-printed tapes for branding and labelling purposes. This allows for easy identification of packages and adds a professional touch.
  9. Coloured tape: While not as common, coloured tapes can be used for coding and organizing packages. Different colours may indicate various contents, destinations, or handling instructions.
  10. Stretch wrap: While not a traditional tape, stretch wrap is a plastic film often used to secure and protect palletised goods during transportation. It is applied by stretching the film around the items.

When selecting packaging tape, consider the specific requirements of your application to ensure the tape meets the necessary criteria for adhesion, strength, and environmental conditions.