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Plastic Binding CoilsBinding Combs and Coils

Plastic binding combs normally have 21 rings (along the long edge of A4) although we can supply 20 ring combs too. We stock combs in all sizes from 6mm round combs up to the larger 51mm oval shaped combs with a document capacity of up to 50mm. Plastic coil binding (also known as Plastikoil) is a very strong and damage resistant binding method that cannot easily be crushed and doesn’t have obvious sharp edges like wire binding.

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What binding would I use plastic combs or coils for?

Plastic combs and plastic coils are commonly used for binding documents in a professional and organized manner. Here are some ways to use plastic combs and plastic coils for document binding:

Plastic Combs:

  1. Reports and Proposals:
    • Ideal for binding reports, business proposals, and presentations. Plastic combs provide a professional and polished look.
  2. Training Manuals:
    • Use plastic combs to bind training manuals, ensuring that the pages stay organized and allowing for easy flipping and referencing.
  3. School Projects:
    • Great for binding school projects, assignments, or dissertations. Plastic combs provide a neat and structured appearance.
  4. Company Handbooks:
    • Bind employee handbooks or company manuals using plastic combs for a clean and organized document.
  5. Instruction Manuals:
    • Use plastic combs for binding instruction manuals, making it easy for users to navigate through the document.
  6. Catalogs and Brochures:
    • Plastic combs are suitable for binding catalogs, brochures, or promotional materials, providing a professional finish.
  7. Training Materials:
    • Organize training materials such as slides, handouts, and reference sheets using plastic combs for a cohesive presentation.
  8. Presentations:
    • Perfect for binding presentation materials. Plastic combs allow for easy flipping of pages and can accommodate documents of various thicknesses.

Plastic Coils:

  1. Notebooks and Journals:
    • Bind custom notebooks or journals using plastic coils for a flexible and durable binding solution.
  2. Calendars:
    • Use plastic coils to bind calendars, providing a functional and organized layout that allows for easy page-turning.
  3. Planners:
    • Bind planners and organizers with plastic coils, allowing for a lay-flat design and easy access to the pages.
  4. Flip Charts:
    • Create flip charts for presentations or workshops using plastic coils, allowing for easy flipping of pages during discussions.
  5. Cookbooks:
    • Bind homemade cookbooks with plastic coils for a sturdy and durable solution that can withstand regular use in the kitchen.
  6. Educational Materials:
    • Plastic coils are great for binding educational materials such as workbooks, study guides, and reference materials, allowing for easy handling and navigation.
  7. Art Portfolios:
    • Use plastic coils to bind art portfolios, making it easy to showcase and flip through various artworks or design samples.
  8. Scrapbooks:
    • Create unique scrapbooks with plastic coils, allowing for a personalized and customizable binding solution for your memories.

When using plastic combs or plastic coils, make sure to choose the appropriate size based on the thickness of your document. Additionally, use a binding machine that is compatible with the chosen binding element for a secure and professional finish.