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Id BadgesLanyards and Identity Supplies

Identity fittings including badges, lanyards, name tag holders and magnetic badges are part of a range of fittings for use at events, exhibitions, mixers and signing in/out processes at companies. We can supply all these fittings from stock for fast deliveries and can also produce custom printed lanyards with your logo or message printed on for maximum exposure. Contact us now with any questions.

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What are lanyards and identity fittings used for?

Lanyards and identity fittings are commonly used in various settings for identification, security, and convenience purposes. Here are some common scenarios where lanyards and identity fittings are employed:

  1. Corporate Events and Conferences: Lanyards are often used to hold identification badges at corporate events, conferences, and seminars. Attendees wear lanyards with badges to display their name, affiliation, and access level.
  2. Workplaces: Many workplaces issue employees identification cards that are attached to lanyards. This helps identify staff members and can also serve as access cards for secure areas.
  3. Schools and Universities: Students and faculty members may use lanyards to carry identification cards, access keys, or other credentials. This is common in educational institutions to ensure security and easy identification.
  4. Trade Shows and Expos: Attendees, exhibitors, and staff at trade shows and expos often wear lanyards with badges for identification purposes. It facilitates networking and enhances security by easily identifying authorized personnel.
  5. Healthcare Settings: In hospitals and medical facilities, staff members often wear lanyards with identification badges for easy recognition. Additionally, lanyards may be used for holding keys or access cards.
  6. Events and Festivals: Lanyards are commonly used at concerts, festivals, and sporting events to hold tickets, access passes, or VIP badges. They provide a convenient and hands-free way for attendees to carry their credentials.
  7. Visitor Badges: Lanyards are often provided to visitors in offices, factories, or other secure areas. Visitors wear identification badges on lanyards to indicate their temporary status and level of access.
  8. Security and Access Control: Lanyards can be integrated with access control systems, where employees or authorized personnel use them to carry access cards or key fobs for secure entry into buildings or restricted areas.
  9. Promotional Events: Companies may distribute branded lanyards at promotional events or trade shows. These lanyards can be used to hold promotional materials, USB drives, or other giveaways.
  10. Public Transportation: Some public transportation systems issue identification cards or access cards attached to lanyards for staff or frequent commuters.

In general, lanyards and identity fittings are versatile tools that enhance security, provide easy identification, and offer a practical way to carry essential items. Their use is widespread in various industries and settings.