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Crimping PliersHand Tools for Print Finishing

There are a huge selection of hand tools available for print finishing to help effectively complete tasks from cutting, binding and creasing to eyeletting and riveting. Here we list some of our most popular stocked ones for these functions and more.

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Some common print finishing tools you may come across

Print finishing involves a variety of hand tools that are used for cutting, trimming, binding, and other tasks to enhance the final appearance of printed materials. Here are some common hand tools used in print finishing:

  1. Cutting Tools:
    • Utility Knife or Craft Knife: Used for precision cutting and trimming of paper, cardboard, or other materials.
    • Scissors: Handy for cutting smaller sections or detailed shapes.
  2. Trimming and Creasing Tools:
    • Bone Folder: Used for creasing and folding paper or cardstock neatly.
    • Paper Trimmer: Provides clean and straight cuts for larger sheets of paper or cardstock.
    • Guillotine Cutter: Ideal for precision cutting of larger stacks of paper.
  3. Binding Tools:
    • Bone Folder: Apart from creasing, it is used to flatten and smooth paper during the binding process.
    • Saddle Stitch Stapler: Used for saddle stitching, a common binding method for booklets and magazines.
    • Corner Rounder: Creates rounded corners on printed materials for a polished look.
    • Binding Needle: Used in hand binding methods such as saddle stitching or pamphlet stitching.
  4. Perforating and Scoring Tools:
    • Scoring Tool: Used to create score lines on paper or cardstock for easy and precise folding.
    • Perforating Wheel: Creates perforations for tear-off sections in printed materials.
  5. Hole Punches:
    • Single-Hole Punch: Creates a single hole for binding or organising purposes.
    • Two-Hole Punch: Punches two holes, commonly used for binding documents.
  6. Folding Tools:
    • Folding Bone or Scorer: Assists in folding paper accurately along pre-creased lines.
  7. Corner Cutting Tools:
    • Corner Rounder: Rounds the corners of printed materials for a softer and more professional appearance.
  8. Laminating Tools:
    • Laminating Roller: Used to smooth and adhere laminating film to printed materials.
    • Laminating Pouch Cutter: Trims excess laminate from laminated documents.
  9. Embossing Tools:
    • Embossing Stylus: Creates raised designs or patterns on paper or cardstock.
  10. Adhesive Application Tools:
    • Glue Roller or Applicator: Applies a uniform layer of adhesive for bonding paper or cardstock.
    • Double-Sided Tape Dispenser: Dispenses double-sided tape for secure adhesion.
  11. Ruler and Straight Edge:
    • Metal Ruler: Provides a straight edge for cutting or measuring accurately.
  12. Brushes and Clean-Up Tools:
    • Soft Brush: Used for removing dust or debris from printed materials.
    • Lint-Free Cloth: Helps in cleaning surfaces before finishing processes.

These hand tools are essential for various print finishing tasks, ensuring precision, neatness, and a professional final appearance for printed materials. The specific tools used may vary based on the nature of the print finishing project and the desired outcome.