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suction cup with hookSuction Cups and Point of Sale

Suction cups for hanging display materials onto glass surfaces in several sizes are just one of a range of point of sale fittings we stock for fast delivery. Everything from hooks and nylon string through to retail shelf clips and swatch fasteners are available for samples and next day delivery.

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What are Point of Sale fittings?

Point of Sale (POS) fittings, also known as point of purchase (POP) fittings, refer to the displays, fixtures, and equipment used at the point of sale in retail environments. These fittings are strategically designed to attract customers, highlight products, and encourage impulse purchases. The goal is to create an effective and visually appealing display that enhances the overall shopping experience. Here are some common types of point of sale fittings:

  1. Display Racks:
    • End Cap Displays: Placed at the end of store aisles, these displays attract attention and showcase featured products.
    • Gondola Shelving: Freestanding shelving units placed along the store aisles, often adjustable and versatile for displaying various products.
  2. Countertop Displays:
    • Spinner Racks: Rotating racks that can hold small items such as cards, keychains, or accessories.
    • Tiered Displays: Graduated displays that hold multiple products at different levels.
  3. Hanging Displays:
    • Ceiling Hangers: Suspended displays that hang from the ceiling to showcase products above eye level.
    • Mobiles and Banners: Hanging signs or banners that convey promotional messages and attract attention.
  4. Checkout Displays:
    • Impulse Buy Merchandisers: Small displays strategically placed near the checkout counter to encourage last-minute purchases.
    • Clip Strips: Hanging strips with clips for displaying small, lightweight items near the cash register.
  5. Floor Stands:
    • Cardboard Cutouts: Life-size displays or standees featuring promotional graphics to grab attention.
    • Interactive Kiosks: Touchscreen displays that allow customers to explore products or access information.
  6. Digital Signage:
    • Digital Displays: Electronic screens that showcase dynamic content, advertisements, or promotions.
    • Interactive Touchscreens: Touch-sensitive displays that engage customers with interactive content.
  7. Product Dispensers:
    • Gravity Feed Displays: Shelving units that automatically feed products forward as items are taken.
    • Pusher Systems: Mechanisms that push products to the front of the display as items are removed.
  8. Lighting Fixtures:
    • Spotlights and LED Strips: Illumination to highlight specific products or areas in the store.

Point of sale fittings are crucial for marketing and sales strategies, creating an environment that maximizes product visibility, enhances brand presence, and influences purchasing decisions. These fittings are designed to make the shopping experience more engaging and enjoyable for customers while promoting the featured products effectively.