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Spring Wobbler for display signageShowcard Struts and Display Wobblers

A full range of white card showcard struts and display wobblers. These struts are supplied plain or already pre-taped with double sided adhesive to fix straight to your display material. Plastic and metal display wobblers are used in many applications as shelf talkers, promotional pop displays or to bend signs to the desired angle. We can provide samples of any of these products to test on your job too, just order free of charge online.

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What can you use Showcard Struts for?

Showcard struts, also known as showcard stands or display struts, are versatile tools commonly used in retail, events, and various other settings. They are designed to hold and display showcards or small signs. Here are some common uses for showcard struts:

  1. Point of Sale Displays:
    • Showcard struts are frequently used to display promotional or informational cards at point-of-sale locations. They can highlight special offers, discounts, or product features.
  2. Retail Merchandising:
    • In retail environments, showcard struts can be used to present information about products, highlight new arrivals, or showcase pricing details.
  3. Tabletop Displays:
    • Showcard struts are ideal for creating tabletop displays at events, trade shows, or conferences. They can hold informational cards, brochures, or pricing details.
  4. Menus and Specials:
    • Restaurants and cafes often use showcard struts to display menus, daily specials, or promotions on tables or counters.
  5. Exhibitions and Events:
    • Showcard struts are commonly employed in exhibitions and events to showcase information about products, services, or company details.
  6. Price Tag Holders:
    • Retailers can use showcard struts as price tag holders, making it easy for customers to identify the prices of items on display.
  7. Informational Displays:
    • Showcard struts are effective for presenting information such as opening hours, contact details, or any other essential information that needs to be prominently displayed.
  8. Art and Photography Displays:
    • In art galleries or photography exhibitions, showcard struts can be used to hold information about the artists, titles of artworks, or additional details about the pieces.
  9. Wedding and Event Signage:
    • Showcard struts can be utilised in weddings or events to display table numbers, guest names, or directional signage.
  10. Product Displays:
    • Brands and retailers use showcard struts to accompany product displays, providing additional information about features, specifications, or promotional offers.
  11. Educational Displays:
    • In educational settings, such as classrooms or libraries, showcard struts can be used to highlight key information, book recommendations, or important announcements.
  12. Customised Branding:
    • Showcard struts can be personalised or customised with brand logos, colours, or specific graphics to align with the overall branding strategy.
  13. Temporary Signage:
    • For short-term events or promotions, showcard struts are convenient for displaying temporary signage without the need for permanent fixtures.

Showcard struts come in various sizes and styles, providing flexibility for different display needs. They offer a simple yet effective solution for presenting information in a visible and organised manner.