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People come first

We look after our team members at Presco and aim to ensure they are supported in their lives and careers. This starts with a commitment to always pay above the real living wage and run an equal share bonus scheme. Presco promotes a close team culture where all staff meet together to start the day and colleagues look to always help each other out.

The team at Presco has always proven excellent at rising to a challenge including emergency production line support, premises moves and overcoming the disruption of Covid. During this time we faced business and social challenges of a new scale and after the company supported staff at full pay the support and hard work of the team ensured we could return to full capacity and revenue within months.

Supporting our team, customers and suppliers is something we believe in for a reason: it works.



Charity in action

Charitable action is part of our worldview. We believe in giving back to the community through donations and volunteer work, both at a local town level and in wider support of global humanitarian programmes.

We engage with many charities to give back through donations and time. We have worked with some of these charities for over 20 years and have seen how essential the work they do is in improving living conditions. Charities we promote and support are listed below:

Prospect Hospice do incredible work in care and kindness that we believe needs supporting and promoting. It is often found helping in the most difficult times for families. You can find out more and donate here online to help support people’s last days with dignity and kindness from the team at Prospect Hospice.

RRT – supporting the volunteers who care for front line emergency services through catering, organisation of planned events and charitable projects globally like drought relief and natural disaster support. You can find out more about their work and donate here.

Conflict appeals – We have watched tragedies in Ukraine and other conflict zones unfold with great sadness, assisting through donations and action. We have supported local and national efforts to supply aid and joined in with globally-coordinated relief efforts to provide supplies.

The Grace Trust – a charitable trust we have supported for many years, distributing donations to many causes close to us including Great Ormond Street Hospital, disaster relief, anti-poverty campaigns and essential support for those in need. You can find out more here.

Larger Community Projects – We support several local community development projects including education centres, places of worship and community shops. Our support is both financial and practical and many staff members are volunteers on these projects.

Ethical sourcing

We are working closely with factories globally to offer alternative supply options to replace manufacturing from countries that do not respect what we believe to be good labour practices, human rights, democratic and environmental concerns. In the past unethical manufacturing has cut product costs at a terrible human cost and we stand against this.

It is our policy to always first source from countries in line with our ethical beliefs. When we have to buy from manufacturers in countries with poorer records we work closely with factories to ensure that high production, labour and environmental standards are agreed and kept to.



We have spent years sourcing better and more sustainable products and have launched many unique items that are plastic-free and fully recyclable. We are committed to keep doing what we can to protect the environment and limit unnecessary carbon emissions by promoting more sustainable and fewer single use products.

In our offices, warehouses and buildings we practice avoiding waste, using sustainable materials and avoiding single use plastics for all purposes including packaging.

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