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Renz DTP 340-M Punch SystemWire Binding Machines

Wire binding machines can be confusing, there are a lot of options. That’s why we’ve made it as simple as possible with a trusted selection of machines from Renz and GBC, two of the biggest names in wire binding and other bindery systems. You can trust this selection of machines for regular trade use without breaking down or failing. Many machines come with a strong 2 year warranty to give you extra confidence. If you’d like a quote or advice on any of these machines just get in touch and ask about our price promise.

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Which are the best wire binding machines to look at?

There are several reputable brands and models of wire binding machines available in the market, known for their quality and performance. However, we’ve tried to group the ones that we’ve tried and tested for you above and recommend the Renz and GBC brands as the best in the market. Here are some other well-regarded wire binding machine brands and models:

  1. Fellowes:
    • Fellowes do a range of office level wire binding machines that will be fine for the occasional report and small runs; but if you are looking for more workshop type machines you will need to look for a stronger metal construction.
  2. GBC (General Binding Corporation):
    • GBC machines such as the WireBind W15 are entry-level wire binding machines suitable for small to medium-sized offices.
    • There is a large range from GBC of other wire binding machines right up to large automated punches. As the GBC main dealer in the UK, Presco can quote and advise on all of these with our price promise to ensure you the best deal. Speak to us now!
  3. Akiles:
    • Akiles WireMac E: A versatile and durable wire binding machine with a manual punch. Not currently available in the UK.
  4. Rhino-Tuff:
    • Rhino-Tuff Onyx HD7700: A heavy-duty modular binding punch suitable for various binding styles, including wire.
  5. Renz:
    • Renz SRW 360 Comfort: A semi-automatic wire binding machine known for its ease of use and efficiency.
    • Renz do many binding machines that we stock at Presco, from manual entry level ones (with the same strong construction) through to fully automated binding lines.
    • We have years of experience with Renz machines at Presco and can guarantee you the best rates, simply speak to us for details.
  6. James Burn:
    • James Burn EPX700: An electric punch and bind machine designed for high-volume wire binding.
  7. Tamerica:
    • Tamerica 213PB: A compact and affordable wire binding machine for small offices and home use. Not available in the UK.
  8. WireMac:
    • WireMac-EX21: A manual wire binding machine known for its sturdy construction and versatility. Not currently available.
  9. Akiles WireMac Duo:
    • Offers dual-functionality, allowing users to bind documents with both wire and plastic comb spines.

When choosing a wire binding machine, consider factors such as the volume of binding you expect, the maximum sheet capacity, the pitch (hole pattern), and the overall build quality. Additionally, user reviews and feedback can provide insights into the performance and reliability of specific models.

Before making a purchase, it’s advisable to check for the latest models, reviews, and product specifications to ensure that you choose a wire binding machine that meets your specific requirements and preferences.