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Magnetic Products

Magnetic products can be used in print finishing to create clever hidden closures and fixings in folders and display material. We stock everything magnetic from adhesive magnetic tape, round disc magnets (adhesive or not) to go into folders and pre-cut magnetic patches to go onto the back of display and fridge magnets. You can order samples of these online or get in touch for any more advice needed.

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What other magnetic products can be used with print?

Magnetic products are commonly used in print finishing to provide functional closing solutions for various applications.

  1. Magnetic Sheets:
    • Magnetic sheets are flexible sheets with a magnetic backing. They are often used in print finishing for creating magnetic displays, promotional materials, and signage. These sheets can be printed on directly or used to attach printed materials to magnetic surfaces.
  2. Magnetic Business Cards:
    • Business cards with a magnetic backing are popular in print finishing. They can be attached to magnetic surfaces like refrigerators, providing a lasting and convenient way for customers to keep contact information.
  3. Magnetic Photo Paper:
    • Magnetic photo paper allows for printing high-quality photos that can be easily attached to magnetic surfaces. This is commonly used in the production of magnetic photo frames or customised promotional items.
  4. Magnetic Labels:
    • Magnetic labels are versatile in print finishing, offering a flexible solution for labelling and organization. They can be easily repositioned on magnetic surfaces and are often used in inventory management or storage applications.
  5. Magnetic Strips:
    • Magnetic strips come in rolls or pre-cut lengths and are used in print finishing for creating magnetic displays, attaching signs, or creating flexible closures for printed folders or packaging.
  6. Magnetic Tape:
    • Similar to magnetic strips, magnetic tape is a flexible option that can be easily cut to size. It is commonly used to attach print materials to magnetic surfaces or to create magnetic closures for printed items.
  7. Magnetic Clasps and Closures:
    • Magnetic clasps and closures are used in print finishing for items such as folders, boxes, or packaging. They provide a secure and easy-to-use closure mechanism, adding a touch of sophistication to printed materials.
  8. Magnetic Dry Erase Boards:
    • Print finishing can include the application of magnetic sheets to create custom dry erase boards. This is useful for offices, classrooms, or promotional items where users can write and erase information on a magnetic surface.
  9. Magnetic Ink:
    • Magnetic ink contains magnetic particles and is used in print finishing for security applications, such as printing magnetic characters on cheques or tickets that can be read by magnetic ink character recognition (MICR) devices.
  10. Magnetic Sign Holders:
    • Magnetic sign holders are used to display printed signs or posters on metal surfaces. They offer a convenient and reusable solution for changing signage.
  11. Magnetic Photo Booth Frames:
    • Magnetic frames for photos or prints are commonly used in event photography or as promotional items. These frames easily attach to magnetic surfaces, providing a simple and attractive way to showcase images.

When using magnetic products in print finishing, it’s essential to consider the specific application, the strength of the magnetic force required, and the compatibility of the magnetic material with the printing process. Additionally, the versatility of magnetic products allows for creative and functional solutions in various print-related projects.