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Guarantape Adhesive Levels Explained

One of the key benefits of the Guarantape range is the Guarantape Adhesive Levels – at one glance you can identify the right tapes and adhesives for your job. Using a jargon-free 7 level scale our aim is to make buying tape easy and reliable.

This is a brief overview of the adhesive levels, if you want full technical information and adhesive properties please get in touch.


Guarantape Level 1 is our non permanent/ removable tape level. Usually level 1 is used on the opposing side to a permanent adhesive to offer a Perm Peel option. Peelable adhesive is especially useful in temporary applications, envelopes or in replacible applications.


Level 2 is the first of our permanent adhesive levels, offering a low level permanent adhesion between paper and light card. level 2 is not suitable for laminated work however can be a great option for most of your standard print jobs. level 2 is also featured on the reverse of our perm peel tape as the permanent adhesive.


Guarantape Level 3 is the a higher tack permanent adhesive for use in box making and with semi-coated surfaces. Use the level 3 tapes on laminated work, paper to plastics woods or smooth surfaces. level 3 has a few option for hand applicators too.


Guarantape Level 4 is a very high tack permanent acrylic adhesive for work with glossy surfaces and digital print. Use these tapes on your most demanding print jobs and use the level 4 foam tape and foam pads for interior signage. Level 4 offers adhesive solutions for a great variety of low level signage or high level demanding print work.


Guarantape Level 5 is our high strength crossover adhesive for very demanding finishing work to basic sign making. use on jobs such as banner hemming, use our toffee tape for a temporary first fix or short term signage. level 5 offers a very strong acrylic bond without the bulk of a VHB tape.


Guarantape Level 6 is our first level of the Extreme range offering extremely strong tapes with sign making grade adhesives for use with any material in almost every situation. adhesive to metals, woods glass and almost any other substrates. use on heavy banner hemming work and make use of our extreme foam tape for exterior permanent signage


Our Guarantape level 7 is our ultimate strength adhesives – at this level you can start sticking cars to the sides of buildings! Use our VHB equivalent tapes for your heavy duty signage needs, high stress applications where you need to stick to metals, glass, woods or a textured substrate.

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