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How to Wire Bind a Calendar

You only need a wire binding machine plus a few accessories, to bind your own fully professional calendars. It it simple for short or long runs of conventional or personalised calendars, watch the video below and see the photos and text explanation for a step by step method.

STAGE 1: Punching

First punch the top edge of the calendar with 34 holdes for an A4 (297mm edge) or 24 holdes for and A5 (210mm edge).

 STAGE 2: Cutting the Thumbcut

Unless you have a wire binding punch with a built in thumbcut, you will now need to cut out the central thumbcut using one of hte Presco thumbcut machines. (Presco Thumbcut). This should be positioned in the centre of the punched edge and will cut out two of the punched holes.

STAGE 3: Binding the Calendar

Now bind the calendar the usual way using an A4 or A5 wire of the appropriate size.

STAGE 4: Cutting the Wire

Using the Presco mini wire cutters (Presco Wire Cutters). Cut the wire where it crosses the thumbcut space.

STAGE 5: Inserting the Hanger

Use 57mm calendar hangers which are easily inserted by pushing into one side and then pulling back into the other side.

STAGE 6: Finishing the Calendar

The result! A professionally wire bound calendar.