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Tapes & Adhesives

Our sticking range includes double sided tapes, glues and adhesives for padding and perfect binding and a range of other finishing sticking solutions, from hook and loop products to magnetic closing products, tape and magentic discs.

Our new range of Guarantape double sided tapes is an amazing collection of superior double sided tapes that you can trust 100%. Fed up with double sided tapes that were either cheap and nasty or expensive and mediocre we have spent a long time developing the Guarantape range of double sided tapes with clear levels of adhesive strength to quickly find the tape you need. We have put reliability first, so whatever job you are doing, if you are using the recommended Guarantape product we know that it will work for you. The range also includes a brand new unique tape - the Guarantape Extreme Tearable which is a tearable tissue tape with incredible adhesion qualities that rate it above polyester tape in strength tests! For more information and to get advice, experience and help from our team of advisers simply get in touch with us and we will be happy to talk about what our tapes can do.

Other products in our sticking and glue range include basic double sided tapes and adhesive foam pads, padding adhesives and sticky magnetic fixings in stock for next day delivery from Presco. Use the tags at the side to find the product you need from our ranges of ATG tapes, sticky labels, adhesive hook and loop tapes and glue dots and glue tape. We also stock specialist tapes like super-strong polyester adhesive double sided tape, spine tapes and red litho tape in addition to the standard ranges of double sided tape, squares and adhesive foam tape.