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Brass Binding Screws
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Product Description

Our traditional binding screws are turned from solid brass with a brushed matt finish, available in sizes from 2mm up to 25mm shaft capacity. All sizes are kept in stock for next day delivery.

Binding screws are one of the simplest, oldest and most popular swatch binding and document binding fixings. From a small paper or card swatch to a spine binding solution for a large custom book or photo album binding screws are seen in all types of print and presentation.

Our Presco brass binding screws are turned from solid metal using precision engineering. This gives them greater strength and a high quality appearance compared to pressed metal economy binding screws.

Brass binding screws are widely used for the binding of sample swatches, traditional bookbinding, binding of scrapbooking albums or to give a distinctive finishing touch when binding any marketing material.

Binding screws are supplied as two parts and are screwed together through pre-drilled holes in the printed work or material being bound. At any time in the future the binding screws can be undone to change the contents or for reuse.

As pictures the 2mm and 3mm Binding Screws have a hole in the end.

The standard binding screws shown here are stocked in a wide variety of capacities from 2mm up to 25mm (or more using available extension posts) and are available in nickel or brass finishes.

More Information:

  • Available in packs of 100 or 1000
  • Stocked in brass finish or a nickel coated brass
  • Binding screws are made from solid brass
  • A traditional product that adds a distinctive touch to any binding or swatch job
  • These pockets are top opening when used in portrait
  • 10mm head diameter
  • The capacity of the binding screw is the space between the two heads when screwed together
  • Thread size M4
  • If you require these in a different size or colour, have a look at our clearance range.

Also known as:

Chicago Screws, Interscrews, Sample Book Binders, Barrel Bolts and Post and Screw Fixings, Pillar Screws, Post Screws

What our customers say about this product:

Many of our customers have been buying brass binding screws in large amounts for years, using them for all types of document and book binding.

One of our customers used these screws to add a unique touch to a luxury A4 landscape theatre programme. Rich design and full colour print onto high gloss paper stock formed the leaves and a thick textured card was used for a wrap-around cover, bound at the spine with two brass 6mm binding screws. Our customer described the result as stunning, the client was totally happy as the mix of textures and traditional fittings gave a really one-off feel to each programme.

Typically used with:

Binding screws are an ideal heavy duty option for swatches, instruction booklets, wine lists, extended theatre programmes and more!

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