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How can I fix a CD into a presentation folder?

Posted by Euan Davies on

Q: How can I fix a CD into a presentation?


A.            There are a number of ways to fix a CD into a presentation depending on your application – for mailings, presentation or storage.

•             CD Card Sleeve – cheap white cardboard sleeve for use in mailings & magazines.

•             CD Holder – The CD will clip firmly onto the raised centre on the Self-Adhesive CD Holder – these are supplied in Black, White & Clear.

•             CD Spider – the traditional, time endured, method of attaching CD’s. Self-Adhesive with the raised “spider” to hold the CD – also available in Black, White & Clear.

•             CD Foam Holder – High Density Foam with a Self-Adhesive backing for a very cost effective method. Available in rolls of 1000 in Black & White.

•             CD Pocket – available in a number of formats –

  • Non adhesive with or without an additional a punchable margin,
  • Self-Adhesive – with a layer of adhesive over the whole of the back –
  • Both with or without flaps.

And a range of Trays –

•             CD Digi Tray – black or clear – single or double.

•             CD Jewel Case – the traditional CD Case – black or clear tray with a clear cover.

•             CD Clamshell Case – strong, lightweight and modern – will not crack or break in transit. 

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