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What is the difference between padding adhesive and Fanapart padding adhesive?

Posted by Jonas Painter on

Q. What is the difference between Presco Padding Adhesive and Fanapart Padding Adhesive?

A. Fanapart glue is a specialized glue. It is required for carbonless invoice sets commonly known as NCR sets. NCR (no carbon required / Non-Carbon Reproducing Paper) paper has a coating of carbon on its surface eliminating the need for separate sheets of carbon to be inserted between the top and subsequent copies. Fanapart glue is much more watery than padding glue.

The fanapart glue takes approximately 1 hour to dry and does not require slicing with a separating knife as you fan the paper apart.

Fanapart glue is great for invoice sets, delivery notes, receipt books. Multiple copies are helpful for filing to satisfy legal or financial obligations.

Padding glue consists of thick white glue for standard padding and binding into pads.

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