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What is Fastback binding?

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Q: What is fastback binding?

A: Fastback binding is a thermal binding system that uses a machine to heat and apply ready-glued strips to the spine of a book or document, creating a strong and permanent binding.

Fastback binding strips are available in 3 widths for different thickness documents, and a range of standard colours. The strips we stock are genuine Fastback branded products from Powis, the original manufacturers. The strips wrap around the spine giving a finished look like spine tape, but with a much stronger bond.

Fastback strips are often used in conjunction with a range paperback or hardback covers.

Fastback machines are varied from basic to fully automatic machines. If you have an older model the strips will still be the same as current ones, if you would like to enquire about a new Fastback machine please speak to us for a no obligation quote.

Other imitation strips have been widely available in the past but now do not work with many Fastback machines so to avoid any problems we only stock the genuine glue strips. View our range of fastback strips here.

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