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Sometimes 2 or more binding wires can get a bit tangled up with each other if they have been stored poorly after the last use or during transport when they are supplied in the standard plastic trays inside the bulk boxes of 200 or 250 binding wires. If you have mixed up some different wires and sizes inside one box you may suddenly find it is nearly impossible to get all the wires apart again! This does happen, and there is a way to sort it quickly.

The solution is to simply drop the tangled wires onto any hard flat surface, the floor, your desk – anywhere – and after one or two drops the wires will magically spring apart by themselves. This works 90% of the time and is a surefire way to rescue a box of otherwise spoilt wires.

Don’t try and work the wires apart or pull them until they come apart, you will likely damage the structure of the binding wire and if it becomes out of shape or stretched it will not work when you come to bind a document.

To avoid this problem altogether you can buy only Renz wires, with their unique cardboard tray system where each wire is separately fixed down to a cardboard sheet, meaning you will never get tangle problems as each one is simply pulled off one at a time.