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A:  ATG tape is a type of a double sided tape designed for use in tape gun dispensers, to save time and make application easier. ATG stands for ‘Adhesive Transfer Gun’, as adhesive transfer tapes are reverse wound (where the backing liner is on the underside of the tape as it is unwound) they have to be used with the ATG dispenser gun.

Adhesive transfer tapes are wound on to plastic reels instead of standard cardboard reels and can simply be slotted into an ATG tape gun to apply lengths as needed to your material.

ATG tape comes in different widths and adhesion levels, from 6mm width (your gun may require a special adaptor for 6mm tape), 12mm and 18mm tapes. Adhesion is available in permanent, high tack or a permanent one side, peelable the other side tape.

ATG tapes are used for poster and display work, photo mounting, exhibition and POP displays, mock-ups, all display uses, presentation folders and even craft work and scrapbooking.

Presco have been supplying adhesive transfer tapes for over 20 years and have a large range in stock for fast delivery. View all ATG tapes here.