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Q: My customer want to make a calendar this year, what are the basic options for calendar binding?

A: Calendars can come in any form from small desktop CD case calendars up to large format A2 wire bound ones. Get some idea of what your client is looking for then you can narrow it down from the following options we stock.

For traditional wall calendars, wire bound with a hanging loop in the middle you will be looking at using a No 4 (1/4”) binding wire for most 12-15 leaf calendars. To create the hanging loop in the middle you need to have a thumbcut punch, we sell hand or desktop machines for this. Once you have punched the thumbcut and the holes for the binding wire you can insert the binding wires and the calendar hanger.

The length of the wires you use will depend upon the size of the calendar. If you are doing a portrait A4 calendar you would only need A5 wires for the top and simply snip out the loops over the thumbcut hole. If you’re unsure about what size or how many wires you will need simply speak to us.

For desktop calendars we have several options of plastic cases. The classic calendar-in-a-CD-case is still going strong, we now stock many other sizes in this plastic case format, from mini calendar cases up to large A5 landscape calendar cases to really get a message across. View the range of calendar cases here.

We also stock other calendar accessories like a red sliding window on a transparent strip for clear date view calendars, if you are looking for something particular just get in touch and we’ll help out.

Calendar binding is a huge area and this is just a very basic overview of some of the more common methods. Call us to find out more. If you want more information on binding wires and the different types and sizes check out this article.