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Q:  What are Sam Browne studs used for?

A:  Sam Browne studs are a specialist binding and leather work fixing for a smart and simple closing on a book, folder or bag. They are small metal, mushroom shaped studs with a screw fixing at the bottom to fix the stud to a card or leather cover.

There are a couple of ways they can be used to make a closure:

For use in card bound books or presentation folders the stud can be screwed to the front cover through a punched or drilled hole. An elastic loop or tag can then come across from the back of the book or folder and slip over the stud to create the closing.

For leather work a slightly larger hole or a keyhole (small hole plus slit) will be punched in a strap that comes across or an oversized back cover and this will simply pop over the stud and complete the closing.  

Traditionally Sam Browne studs were used for the belt studs on military uniforms although now they are mostly used as distinctive craft fittings for special books involving leather or as a stud and elastic closing on folders.

They are also known as a mushroom studs or military belt fittings.

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