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Q: I need 800 cut lengths of ribbon, each one 24cm long. Can I buy these from Presco or how can I make them quickly?

A: We are often asked for cut lengths of ribbon, elastic, cord or string and can supply exact cut lengths for you. However, for a quicker (and cheaper) solution we have a couple of clever suggestions:

The guillotine card method: Get a strip of card a bit wider than the length you want to cut to, so about 25cm for 24cm cut lengths. Wrap the ribbon round and round the card. Then trim each edge of the card on a guillotine, making sure the 2nd cut takes the card (and all the ribbon lengths) to exactly 24cm. Voila – you have your cut lengths!

Variations on the above method if you don’t have the use of a guillotine include wrapping the ribbon round a piece of card half the width of the required cut lengths (so a 12cm piece here). When you have wrapped them round, carefully cut through the ribbons on one edge of the card only with a pair of scissors. You should then be left with a pile of perfectly cut 24cm lengths. Although slightly less accurate than the guillotine trimming this method has less wastage and can simply be done at your desk. 

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