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Q. What is saddle stapling?

A. A popular book binding method in which folded sheets are nestled together one inside the other and then stapled through the fold line with staples. The stapling is done over a metal ‘saddle’ on the machine, an angled base plate for the book to lie on while being stapled.

The staples pass through the folded crease from the outside and are clinched between the centremost pages. Two staples are commonly used but larger books may require more staples along the spine.

To achieve saddle stapling collated sheets are draped over a Saddle-like apparatus during the stapling process, hence the name Saddle Stapling. This can be achieved with a saddle stapler. Other ways of producing booklets is with a booklet maker which will staple and fold the sheets or an inexpensive way would be to use a long arm stapler.

A variety of saddle stapling is loop stapling. The staple will bind the booklet and also form a loop for the booklet to be easily put in a presentation ring binder. This avoids putting holes through the booklet to bind into a ring binder.

The Saddle Staple method is most effective for binding booklets and publications with around 64 pages or less. Books with more pages may become bulky when folded and may not lie as flat as desired when Saddle Stitched.