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Rapid 106 E Stapler including 25,000 FREE staples

Rapid 106 E Stapler including 25,000 FREE staples
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    £716.48  inc. VAT ( £58250  ex. VAT)
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5 FREE boxes of staples (66/6) included - 25,000 staples!

The Rapid 106E is certainly the leading stapler of its type. The Rapid 106E is essentially two staplers in one whereby you can produce saddle or pad stitched books with the quick turn of the table. Documents can be finished fast with its automatic trigger or foot pedal operation

You have the wide and varied options to also adapt the machine with an interchangeable head to allow for loop stitching or upgrade your 106E to a twin rig or even 4 heads allowing to do 2-4 staples side by side at once.


  • Protection visor which cuts the power when lifted
  • Sheet capacity: 50 sheets (80gsm paper)
  • Quick precise and flexible machine+
  • Uses Rapid 66/6 - 66/8 staples
  • New generation of design that has replaced the Classic Rapid 101

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