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Banner Tape / Extreme Polyester Tape Double Sided Level 6 from Guarantape
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Product Code: 1459638977

 Polyester double sided tape is a strong polyester adhesive tape, distinctive for its red backing paper. Often known as Banner Tape, it is still a flat double sided tape (not a thick glue tape) and must be cut, not torn.

Our Extreme Polyester tape is at the very high Guarantape Adhesive Level 6 and is for demanding work even in extreme conditions. The superior adhesion can be used for work which will be subject to external conditions and extremes of heat or cold. Polyester tapes are widely used in many industrial applications.

For more information on adhesive strengths CLICK HERE

The Guarantape range has been designed for large trade users of tape and we offer incredible carton, pallet and contract rates for this range of industrial tapes. See below for links to the bulk double sided tape pricing.


More Information

  • Guarantape Adhesive Level 6.
  • Free samples available to test, simply select on the dropdowns above and add to cart.
  • Plasticised adhesive tape, must be cut to length required. If you need a tearable tape, see our Guarantape Extreme Tearable.
  • Guarantape is an industrial range of tapes controlled and distributed exclusively by Presco, giving you a direct manufacturer pricing structure and reliability.
  • This is a thin flat double sided tape, for use on textured or uneven surfaces you should consider a glue tape, which is has a thicker adhesive able to grip even very bumpy surfaces.

Also known as:

  • Red polyester tape
  • Vertical hold
  • Non-removable tape

What our customers say about this product:

Polyester tape is used by many of our customers when dealing with materials outside traditional paper and card print work. Think plastic signs, complicated foamboard displays and mounting onto tough surfaces.

Typically used with:

  • Point of sale assembly
  • Laminates
  • Name plates and signage
  • Banner edging and mounting
  • Manufacturing assembly

Comparison to the Tesa 4865

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