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Sharpener Tool for Paper Drill Bits

Sharpener Tool for Paper Drill Bits
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Extend the life of your paper drill bits with this universal paper drill bit sharpener tool. An all-in-one tool to sharpen bits from 3mm up to 10mm drill diameter.  Supplied with a whetstone for removing the external burr on the drillbit after sharpening.

The drill sharpener is designed for use with standard paper drill bits only, and cannot be used with coated drill bits, such as Teflon or Tungsten coated bits.

Often called a drill sharpening head, this tool can be used multiple times on any bit until the drilling depth becomes too short or uneven. You can also protect the life of your drill bit by using waxing paper to avoid build up of friction and heat when drilling, which may lead to cracked and shattered drill bits, even if they are recently sharpened.

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