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Recyclable Transparent Adhesive Corner Pockets
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Product Code: 463396749

Transparent corner pockets with sticky backing made from high quality, crystal clear and recylable polypropylene instead of inferior common PVC materials. With an easily removable backing paper, simply reveal the adhesive and stick on to any surface. We stock five different sizes to give full design scope for your folder or brochure needs.

Our adhesive pockets are made from high quality, crystal clear and recyclable polypropylene as opposed to many other sorts available which are made from thicker PVC material that is very difficult to recycle.

Corner pockets are a great solution for those extras like pricelists or spec sheets - the quick way to fix and present loose sheets, cards and inserts. Neat and unobtrusive, there're easy to stick on the inside covers of folders or books and are self-adhesive for convenience. They are supplied either two or four up (depending on sizes) on an easy peel backing sheet. They have a lipped opening on the long diagonal edge for easy insertion.

Adhesive corner pockets allow you to insert notes, flyers, pricelists, business cards, documentation etc. into the inside covers of ring binders, books, folders, catalogues and other printed items. They are also used externally on printed matter for holding a sample onto the front of a spec sheet for example.

More Information:

  • 100% crystal clear (no blue/grey tint like PVC) and don't curl or yellow with age
  • Fully recyclable and environmentally neutral - Polypropylene is an advanced plastic with many environmentally friendly qualities compared to traditional plastics used for pockets and wallets
  • Low static - they will not cling or stick together
  • Easy release backing paper allows you to simply and quickly peel and stick
  • Timesaving - you can save time spent wastefully die-cutting folder pockets
  • Available in sizes from 32mm up to 170mm from stock
  • Strong permanent adhesive backing

Also known as:

  • Sticky pockets
  • Self-Adhesive corner pockets
  • S/A corner pockets
  • Angled pockets
  • Photo pockets
  • Corner file pockets
  • Triangle pockets
  • Crystal corner pockets
  • Poly corner pockets
  • Adhesive corners
  • Photo corners

What our customers say about this product:

We have many customers who use our corner pockets. These range from legal organisations and printers making up presentation folders for customers with corner pockets to secure documents and stop them sliding out. 

Our biggest user of these pockets says: "We have been using Presco corner pockets for at least five years and have always got on well. We stick pockets into folders for a major airline. Far better than how we used to fix binding pockets with double sided tape, the Presco pockets are sticky so we can just put them straight down onto the folder. We've used thousands and thousands of these pockets and haven't see any faulty ones yet. Although sometimes if you stick them down too fast and they crease badly they are almost impossible to get off and reposition as they are so sticky!"

Typically used with:

  • Laminated or plain presentation folders
  • Gift Cards
  • Information packs containing specification tags/cards.
  • Hand made photo albums for a unique photo fixing method (smaller 32mm corners are ideal)

Additional Information:

  • Thickness of the polypropylene plastic is 120 micron each layer plus adhesive, total pocket thicknes 300 micron (0.3mm)
  • Glossy plastic finish

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