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Sustainability - follow and support our journey

Taking action for a cleaner working future at Presco

At Presco we are rapidly developing a more sustainable company with a goal of becoming completely carbon neutral. Putting this into action requires a lot of change and cost. During 2020-2022 we have absorbed exceptional increases in supply chain and production of up to 40% per year, but have kept price increases to customers below 12% during this time.  

The Sustainability Contribution is a 0.75% opt-out surcharge applied to invoices to help us realise our goal of a carbon neutral company. 100% of this contribution will go into reducing our impact on the planet through the development of better packaging, products and warehouses. We have already made a lot of changes, but have still got a lot to do. 

Presco is moving premises at the end of 2023. To minimise our carbon footprint we are sensitively renovating existing redundant buildings to high insulation standards that will be far more energy efficient and no longer use natural gas to heat. We will be integrating with ecology and existing structures to limit any carbon release and have already planted over 100 new trees on site.

We need your support and feedback as we move towards using less energy, improved packaging materials, replacement of many single use plastics where appropriate and developing better products without compromising on quality. No greenwashing here, we have big ideas for a cleaner future at work and are putting these into action. Let us know what you think by emailing - we take all feedback seriously.   

Did you know? Presco already recycles over 60 tons of paper and cardboard each year that go direct to pulp for new boxes, paper and board products.  The next box you use may well have a bit of Presco in it!

Below: February 2023, new hedgerow and tree planting at Presco. We aim to triple carbon absorption on site through rewilding and planting through 2023, with more planned for the future. You can follow our progress with the video updates on our feed too.