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Recyclable Transparent Adhesive Parking Permit / Disk Pockets
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Square 105mm plastic pockets are available with or without a top flap and with a strong adhesive backing. Use for residency or parking permits and any other card or instruction holding places. Traditionally sized for diskette storage, now with many other uses. Supplied on paper backing sheets for application at time of use.

Our adhesive pockets are made from high quality, crystal clear and recyclable polypropylene as opposed to many other sorts available which are made from thicker PVC material that is very difficult to recycle.

More information:

  • 100% crystal clear (no blue/grey tint like PVC) and don’t curl or yellow with age
  • Fully recyclable and environmentally neutral – Polypropylene is an advance plastic with many environmentally friendly qualities compared to traditional plastic used for pockets and wallets.
  • Low static – they will not click or stick together
  • Easy release backing paper allows you to simply and quickly peel and stick

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