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G-Cut Double Sided Tape Applicator Gun and Cutter from Guarantape
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These innovative tape applicators and cutters are an effective method for applying double sided VHB tapes and other adhesive tapes up to a thickness of 1.5mm. A roller guide is part of the system for accurate application along an edge.

Watch our videos below to learn more, the HB gun for high bond tapes below, followed by the SB gun for tissue tapes at the bottom of the page.

The applicator takes tapes up to 25mm width and roll diameter up to 320mm. This applicator does not remove the tape backing, you can see this demonstrated below in the video. An adjustable side guide makes accurate application very simple.

The G-Cut applicators save time, sticky cuts with scissors, and result in a precisely applied strip - contact us to find out more and order for next day delivery from Presco.


If you'd like to know any more about these guns just get in touch with us, they are great new products for any tape user and will save time and money on correct application every time.

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