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Magnetic Discs
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Product Code: 463366713

Powerful magnetic discs in 3 diameters which can be used for hidden closure of files, cases and boxes.

These non adhesive magnets (adhesive-backed discs here) are supplied in singles, so a pack of 100 will be 100 individual discs, not 100 pairs.

If you haven't used magnetic closer discs before, let us extol their virtues! They can be used as unique, invisible and strong fastenings for folders, menus and high quality brochures. These discs do not have any adhesive on them and can be built in to your job, under flaps or fixed with glue or double sided tape. Also used with gift boxes, name badges and greetings cards that can stick to a refrigerator.

Our magnets are made from neodymium magnetised material and have excellent performance, with a closing power of nearly 2kg. Free samples are available online or by phone, or speak to us for more information.

If these are not quite right please have a look at our self-adhesive ones, the backing on these magnets means they can be fixed almost anywhere, in place under card flaps, on the back of signs or used in packaging.

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