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Our mission for 2018: Innovate to make print special

Posted by Matthew Painter on

2018 approaches and we've spent all week making plans for the year ahead. One theme emerges - our customers want to see innovative new products to make their print special.

To add value to a job, to give quality print a wow factor that people can't find everywhere else. So this has become our mission for 2018: innovate to make print special. 

It's challenging to keep up with changes in print. New techniques, new materials, new printers, new technologies. All. The. Time. Moreover - the market has changed. Squashed margins, lower prices, changed workloads, personalised print, fewer catalogues and less direct mail, more complicated and individualised jobs have all been happening in just the last few years.  

At Presco, most of the time we're supplying you with ways to finish your product. We aren't there while you're winning the order, designing, setting up and printing each job. We're the products that arrive just in time to make the loose sheets into a booklet, the laminates that change the cover from printed paper to outstanding sales brochure.

But we do understand. We know the process, we know that you work overtime to get the jobs complete, to win the order and to check the print quality time and time again. We visit our customers, talk to them and don't give up until we're sure we know what the current questions, challenges and successes are in print. 

We're just as keen to get on to these challenges and find new ways to add value to your job. We know we can do that. We've got new products coming in 2018 that give you more options for finishing print to higher standards, and make it look more special than ever before. 

Up until 4pm every day (or a bit after if you are urgent) we'll get you those essential finishing solutions out for next day delivery, or a morning delivery, or a same day delivery. You can chat to us on the phone or on online chat to find out answers to finishing questions, and we've got the experience to help. 

Thank you for all your feedback in 2017, please keep it coming, we need your input to keep developing new products and ideas. We really appreciate the compliments we receive when we get it right, and your time means a lot to us as we know there isn't usually much spare time!

Wishing all our customers a good December and a good new year in 2018.  


On behalf of all the team at Presco

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