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New stocks of Anti Static brushes arrived - order now to avoid waiting

Posted by Ben Trafford on

Since we launched our new anti-static brush product last week we've had a waiting list for orders on these but we're happy to report that they're back in stock now and we can fulfill your order immediately. Anti static brushes have caused a lot of interest with some customers ringing up to order more brushes once they have bought their first one and realised how useful it has become.

Most digital printers and modern litho print systems are designed with built in anti-static devices but we have discovered that this is often not enough and not doing the full job to prevent static build up. When it comes to older finishing equipment, fulfillment lines and laminating systems it is a much bigger problem, and a small annoyance quickly becomes a risky hindrance. Static will intefere with cutting, collating and folding processes, slowing down or even spoiling a print job.

The big advantage of these anti static brushes is that they are not fixed to any machine or only able to be used for a particular piece of equipment - they can used all around any workshop wherever there are static build up problems; guillotines, photocopiers, shredding machines and more. You will be amazed at how much use these brushes get, click here to view and buy now.

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