Nobody's perfect. But we're trying our hardest. – Presco
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Nobody's perfect. But we're trying our hardest.

Posted by Matthew Painter on

Despite our high standards and very best intentions, sometimes we don't get everything right. We've made picking errors, sent parcels to the wrong places and upset customers. Unforgivable. But it has happened. 

When this does happen, our customer team goes into overdrive. Nothing less than complete customer satisfaction is acceptable in any situation, and what we've learnt is this: To earn your trust, our attitude when something goes wrong tells you more about our company than any amount of promises or marketing material. 

Avis We Try HarderWe believe that a culture of trying harder is inspirational. And if you've guessed by now, yes - we're great admirers of the Avis-DDB campaigns. 'We try harder' started out 53 years ago for them as an experiment in creative advertising but quickly became a whole culture and way of doing business. Paying more attention to customers, more attention to the market needs and more attention to the customer than complacent competitors bought them global reputation and success. Interested in the Avis story? Click here.

All our team here at Presco are on board with this commitment to customer first. We have constant team meetings to talk about what improvements we can make for you, and we hope it shows.

So you, as a customer, have our full attention. Contact us and we will listen to you. Every single time.

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