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We love this creative book and case binding company!

Posted by Matthew Painter on

We've spotted a fantastic artisan leatherwork bookbinding company called DODOcase, making very high quality traditional leatherwork cases and covers for tablets and digital devices.

We'd like to share this find with you, showing how traditional skills have been adapted to be relevant with modern digital equipment. Although based in San Francisco USA they ship globally and you can visit them here to see how they marry old materials and skills to new technology.

It's inspiring to see the passion behind keeping alive a luxurious and skilled trade such as leather bookbinding, and how this company is thriving on keeping alive and enhancing these traditional skills.

Traditional bookbinding techniques for modern ipad casesThe digital revolution has changed the world we live in and we all welcome the new innovations, ideas and creativity made possible by this. However, it is even more impressive to see beautiful work and skilled crafts being kept alive and integrated cleverly with our new life of digital devices. 

DODOcase does this perfectly, and we applaud their creativity and mission. Well done!

View all their products here.

 Dodocase artisan leatherwork

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