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Discount voucher with every order placed online - up to £25 discount

Posted by Phoebe Pomeroy on

When we launched this new interactive website a few weeks ago we ran a promotion giving you a discount voucher with every order you placed online. Although only meant to last for the first couple of weeks, this promotion proved so popular with our customers that we are pleased we can say we are continuing it and now making it even better! 

Our system will now randomly allocate you a £5, £10 or £25 discount voucher with every order you place online. You will receive this discount code on your confirmation email, and it can be used against your next online order. Simple.

Buying online will always save you money as we offer discounted delivery rates of at least 20% off standard prices every time you buy online. So now, as well as cheaper delivery, you are guaranteed to receive at least a £5 discount with every single order you place online. 

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