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New product launch: Anti Static Brush

Posted by Matthew Painter on

In response to enquiries for this product we are happy to now be stocking Anti Static brushes - invaluable tools for dispersing any static build up on print. If you've been involved in any print production you will have experienced this static build up and it can be frustrating and time wasting, not to mention annoying from receiving small electric shocks!

Problems can be made worse when trying to trim or guillotine any stack of print with residual static - sheets will not line up perfectly and will do strange things when trying to compress a stack as the static interferes. 

The problem has been reduced with most print machinery both litho and digital now having integrated anti static strips within the machines that brush over the print surface as the printed material is released. This helps a lot but the problem of static still crops up frequently. 

This is solved with a very simple solution - our anti static brushes are soft brushes with integrated metal fibres that can be brushed over any surface to dissipate static electricity fast and safely and are particularly useful with older printing and finishing lines that lack any kind of static control. We have sourced quality precision made brushes that have been tried, tested and voted to perform excellently.

View the anti static brushes here.

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