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New Presco Heavy Duty Banner Eyeletting Machine now launched

Posted by Matthew Painter on

To add to our range of hand banner eyeletting tools and our basic Certa banner eyeletter, we have now launched a new, precision made banner eyeletter with a wide range of dies available for different banner eyelet sizes. Click here to view the new Presco Heavy Duty Banner Eyeletter.

Banner eyeletting is being used increasingly for wide format display, screening and exhibition work. Self piercing banner eyelets make the job very easy, simply line up your work, place eyelet and fix with one easy motion.

This new machine is made to a very high standard in the USA and is of far higher quality than other cheaper imitations that have been imported in bulk. You can fix securely to a bench with the bolts provided, and the investment in this machine and a die will be well worth your while.

View now.

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