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New bigger range of banner eyelets stocked at Presco

Posted by Matthew Painter on

Banner eyelets are notoriously confusing, with well over 1,000 types available - some current, some obselete - it can be a tricky job to match up your old stock or find the right eyelet for your tools.

We stock a standard range of banner eyelets including standard S4 and S8 eyelets as well as the range of SPG, SPK, SPW, SPX, SPY banner eyelets in brass and nickel finish. These can all be viewed and bought here. 

We have lots of experience in matching up unknown eyelets if you are not sure what you want. We can also send out free samples of any stocked eyelets (you can choose a free sample on the same page as for the banner eyelets). Get in touch for more information and for advice.

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