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25% off all self-adhesive plastic pockets this week!

Posted by Jessica Joynt on

We have a great offer for you this week, quote code PP15 at checkout to receive a 25% discount off all self adhesive plastic pockets. From corner pockets to card holder pockets and angled folder pockets we stock a massive range of high quality crystal clear plastic pockets and wallets.

To claim your discount off self-adhesive pockets quote code:



Corner Pockets

Corner pockets are ideal for the inside
cover of a book, folder or brochure.
They can make enormous savings when
compared with the costs and waste of
die cutting.  Our five different sizes give 
you lots of scope to vary the design of 
your application.


Angled Pockets

Angled pockets are a further design on 
Corner pockets with either a left hand or 
right hand aspect and closed on three
edges. Width 218mm and height
130-95mm.  Upper plastic thickness of 
120 micron and lower adhesive thickness
of 100 micron.


Card Holder Pockets

A wide range of pockets from business
card  size to A3 for fully enclosing business
cards, postcards 
or leaflets secure in your
folder or brochure.  Choose between 
landscape and portrait orientation for 
the perfect finish.



Media Pockets

Found commonly in the back of books,
folders and brochures, our version for the 
modern age.  Media storage pockets
will accomodate from SD card to USB stick
up to CD size.





Offer valid until Saturday 27th June 2015.




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