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All about Presco

Posted by Rafal Jankos on



In the 30 years since we first started selling document binding and laminating products there have been lots of changes. From those small beginnings Presco has grown to now sell a vast range of plastic pockets, point-of-sale, bookbinding, adhesives and so many other print finishing products.

In fact we like to say we sell everything a printer uses except paper and ink!




It is not only Presco that has changed – the last 30 years have seen so many changes with our customers too. When we first started selling print finishing products we were selling almost entirely to small traditional printers, some still using letterpress printing and all using film and cameras to make plates. Even though that seems like ancient history now, we still sell a surprising amount of scalpels and red litho tape to printers still using traditional platemaking methods. The changes in print have also brought many different customers, from companies worldwide to individuals producing albums and scrapbooks.




As Presco grew our range of speciality finishing products grew to and we became known as the company people came to for products such as bookbinding screws, menu tassels, magnets, CD holders, shop display fittings and any other print finishing product that was hard to source. Not only do we sell the biggest range of print finishing products in the industry but we also hold vast stocks all available for same day despatch. Time after time customers tell us they rely on us when customers ask for something they wouldn't know where to go for otherwise.




Today our business is still changing with the exciting opportunities of online sales and globalisation changing business almost beyond recognition. However we are still building on our unswerving commitment to customer care that we are so well known for.



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